Alfian Ridwan.


Design, code, and everything in between.

For some reason, that has always been my ‘tagline’ ever since I started building my first portfolio site back in 2015.

Ever since the day I got exposed to the beauty of design and tech, it has been my goal to learn as many of its related things as possible.

6 years as a creative isn't long. Design and code takes more than a lifetime to fully master, but only a second to fully appreciate.

My philosophy in life is simple:
Make people wonder how you did it.

Trust me, if you think about it, that quote can pretty much be applied to any part of your life.

Make people wonder how you did it.

Services that I offer.

I offer a plethora of design and code services. My specialisation is the web. I have built a number of eCommerce sites, corporate sites, portfolio sites, and handled multiple website hostings for clients.


  • Application Design (Web)
  • Application Design (Mobile)
  • Branding
  • Corporate Identity
  • Game Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Audit
  • User Research
  • Website Design


  • Custom branded URL shortener
  • EditorX Websites/eCommerce/CMS
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Monthly Web Maintenance
  • JAMstack Websites/eCommerce/CMS
  • Shopify Websites/Theme Customisation
  • Squarespace Websites/eCommerce/CMS
  • Static HTML/CSS/JS Websites
  • Webflow Websites/eCommerce/CMS
  • Wix Websites/eCommerce/CMS
  • WordPress Websites/WooCommerce/Blogs

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A (not-so) brief history.

My parents reminded me that I entered a small colouring competition as a child and won one of the top prizes. I have no recollection of the memory, but it triggered a thought in me that I had always loved art. In primary school, I often collected tracing papers so I can trace over my favourite Pokémon. In secondary school, I drew characters from my favourite anime, Naruto. The last year of secondary school was my first time my design was brought to life — my graduating class T-shirt. Although that remnant of the past is long gone now, I vividly remember how I structured the letter of my class (4B) into something very unique and one that stands out. I used a Navy Blue with a White collar and sleeve accents. That class T-shirt easily stands out over the rest, as it was minimalisic, sleek and cool.

My first affair with the website development world was in Ngee Ann Polytechnic where I pursued Mass Communication. Here, I learned pretty much everything related to media – writing, marketing, PR, communications, design, and even a little bit of coding. That little bit of coding was the catalyst to an endless pursuit of learning about web development. On my own accord and money, I signed up for online courses, learning subjects like HTML, CSS, JS, and many others. Slowly I became more obssessed with building the web. My first client was a logistics company owned by my friend's father, and I was ecstatic to be given that opportunity. It was my first time I received money doing freelance work. Many years on, I built upon that first opportunity and has worked with over 15 clients since my inception as a web developer/designer. Being a multi-disciplinary freelancer helps a lot in providing value to the client and the business. If you're still reading up to this point, let me put your faith and trust in me into good use.